Szenen: 20
  • Jan 24, 1979
  • 35 Jahre
  • Green
  • Mahogany
  • 5'5" | 165cm
  • Poland
  • 34DD | 75F
  • 30 | 76
  • 41 | 104
  • 7½ | 38
The redheaded girl from Poland is called Vanessa and she is 100% natural from head to toe. Her pretty pale skin has no tattoos or body piercings and not even her 34DD tits have been enhanced in any way.
Matching perfectly with her red hair is her green eyes which seem to always have a flirty look in them. While she is a retiring and almost shy girl when she's not on camera, once the high definition cameras start rolling she turns into a total exhibitionist.

It's something that she discovered on a whim and DDF Busty members sure are happy that she did. Her scene called "Heavy Hooters and Hairy Pie" is one that takes place in the bathroom where Vanessa is stripping down for a shower. She exposes her lovely big tits first and teases the cameras with them relentlessly.
Next she slides her panties down and shows her very hairy pussy and nice round ass and starts spraying warm water all over her body.

Vanessa has been interested in modeling nude ever since 2003 when she was first photographed naked. In her personal life she enjoys biking and often takes along a home made meal to enjoy along the way.

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Letzte Kommentare

so sexy,

rempaler, 1 seit Woche

u are amazing..thank u sooo much xx

wedge13, 5 seit Monaten

Please Vanessa, make a scene wearing skintight jeans in the beginning. Would loooove to see Your very beautiful butt in tight jeans....and don't ever loose one single kilo/pound.

HammerThor, 5 seit Monaten

It seems like all the biggest breasted women live in european countries. If she became an american I would treat her so well and fuck her so hard.

Anonymous, 7 seit Monaten

The woman I'd like to meet next time in Poland in tri city area

pigjen, 1 seit Jahr


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