Newbie's Got The Goods!

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Sara Willis

Dezember 14, 2012
17min 120 Fotos Full HD

Newbie's Got The Goods!

Just when your testicles think it’s time for a breather, we have another incredible newcomer for ya! Sara Willis brings her mountains of fun right to the heart of our unending horniness as she gives us a nice tease in her white flower-pattern panties and matching boulder-holder. And the word “boulder” is most appropriate as Sara slowly unsheathes her squachies before our googly eyes, but not before she gives us some fine teasing with that cleavage. When she finally takes her paps out of their necessary prison (ladies with boobs this large can’t go braless, ya know), she looms over our lenses with her pretty planets. Taking off her bra completely, she squeezes her fists into her floppers, which only emphasizes their soft fullness and inviting warmth!

Sara’s nipples crinkle as she poses, which makes us sense the wetness that must be growing in her snatch! Squeezing her nips together, she gives us an easily suckable double-sandwich of bee-yoo-ti-full booby buttons! Then she lays back on the couch and slides her fingers into her panties while she crams her cantaloupes toward us with her upper arms. She gives us some more panty tease--she wears the full-back kind, which are very sexy to many lingerie aficionados, including this writer--until she gets back to teasing us by fondling her knockers with her pink-polished fingertips. Miss Willis lays back on the couch, slides those panties down to her ankles, and tweaks her nipples while giving us a smile that seems to say she’s happy to make us pull our cocks today! Sara’s got the goods and we’re sure to see her again.

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