Terrific Tittie Tub Show!

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Sara Willis

Januar 11, 2013
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Terrific Tittie Tub Show!

That hooteriffic hottie from the United Kingdom, Sara Willis, returns and gives us a sexy bathtub show! First she lets us enjoy the sight of her filling her pink top with those 32H melons, which provide such a sexy cleavage display as she relaxes barefoot in the bathroom. Sara opens her blouse further and squeezes her glands as our DDF cameras shoot up from below. Next she lifts her top so that we can see her knockers hanging free with their lovely pale nipples, which look so very suckable. She presses her bells together in shots that are worthy of framing! Sara takes down her shorts, and lets us feast our peepers on her round backside. The cleavage of her ass cheeks is as exciting as that of her boobs! With her shorts in the middle of her thighs, she bends over to start the water in the tub. The sideboob views are most welcome as she looks over at us and smiles!

Naked now, Sara sits on the edge of the tub and poses prettily. She climbs into the tub, her torpedos shifting with her movements, and then she wets herself with the spray attachment. The water runs down her boobs in a torrent that we all wish we could be standing under!

Sitting back in the tub, Sara lets the spray continue to hit her tits, and then she hefts her jugs in her fingers, which look so small in comparison, and presses her knobs together for more cleavage action. Her nipples stare out at us like two marbles, and then she tweaks them with her fingers. The water gushes behind her as she relaxes, the jetting waves pouring all around her body, irrigating the trench between her tatas. Then she gets on her knees in the tub, perky as a pinup with her ponytail and paps, and presses her fists into her tits before lifting her right nipple to lick it. Then Sara gets out of the tub and demonstrates that watching her get into a towel is just as exciting as watching her get wet! She’s our Model of the Day.

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